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Oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts)

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1000 gr flour
1000 ml hand warm water*
20 gr salt
50 gr castor sugar
32 gr dry yeast
2 tsp cinnamon
100 gr grated apple (Gala or Golden Delicious)
splash of lemon juice
200 gr raisins (optional) soaked for 15 mins in warm water, drained (use kitchen paper to remove remaining liquid)
oil (sunflower or peanut)
optional: 1 tbsp vanilla sugar or  ½ tsp vanilla extract

* You can replace the water for milk. Milk will make the oliebol darker of colour. You can also use 300 ml beer (room temperature) with 700 ml water.

This typical Dutch snack is enjoyed old years night.

Add the water (or milk or beer/water) to a large bowl or large bucket (note that this dough will rise up to five times it’s volume).  Add the yeast and give it a quick stir. Add flour and mix it using a whisk or use an electronic mixer at low speed. Mix in the remaining ingredients. Let the dough rise in a warm spot for at least 45 minutes (not shorter). Cover with a wet towel to prevent the dough from drying out. Note that this dough will keep on rising, so do not let it rise too long.

Use a frying pan or Dutch oven and heat the oil to a temperature of 175°C/350F. Use a ice scoop to drop balls of dough in the oil. Do not fry to many at a time as this will drop the temperature of the oil. The oliebollen must be able to ‘swim’ comfortably in the oil. When one side is done, the oliebol will turn around by itself (sometimes they need a little help).  Fry the oliebol for about 6 minutes or until golden brown. Note that when using milk, the oliebol will turn brown really quick, but the inside will still take about 6 minutes. When they are down shake of the excessive oil and put them on a plate with kitchen paper.

Serve the oliebollen covered with a nice layer of confectioners (or powdered) sugar. If you cannot get confectioners or powdered sugar, then add one cup of (raw) sugar to a blender or kitchen machine using the blade and blend until powder.

Happy New Year / Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

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